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Freeware E-Mail Clients

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Got up the nerve to set up Outlook 2007 today to import my e-mails directly to the PC. I was hoping to be able to use Thunderbird, but I wouldn't have been able to import contacts, folders, and calendar, so I went with the old warhorse. Outlook 2007 is a sort of a bonus add on for Office 2007, a better program overall than Outlook 2007, which has more trouble spots. Most of this has to do with the complicated settings language. However, it is very impressive to be able to import contacts, folders, and calendar info.

Can't do this with standard Outlook programs (only 2003/2007 and with a free add on from MS) or with Thunderbird. Since it's not possible in Thunderbird, I assume it's not possible in any of the other freeware clients. Well, the whole issue got me started, and I came up with 5 things I think Mozilla must add to this upcoming last version (thanks for the info Bala) of the program for future plug-in support to mean anything for me. Here they are:

1. Ability to import contacts from online accounts
2. Ability to import folders from online accounts
3. Ability to import calendar info from online accounts
4. Message shredding (at least as a plug-in)
5. Native Inbox merging tools for multiple accounts

Almost noone uses clients anymore. However, for my purposes, I have been committed to it from the start, and I always preferred it. However, considering the above missing features and the potential security issues of downloading mail, it's not surprising that most without support in their client would just forgo use of one at all in favor of online mail. I choose a client as a preference for the future, when I believe doing so will be necessary for security's sake. Not cool to leave mail sitting around on servers as far as I'm concerned.

Well, the whole issue, which is an old one, prompted me to see if any of you guys are using a mail client and if so which one? Is this just a dead issue with everyone? Are you just sticking with the online inbox?

By the way, regular versions of Outlook can import your mail to the client, but, as far as I know, cannot import contacts, folders, and calendar info. Thunderbird will give you far better functionality than, for example, Outlook Express 6. As for how it works in OL 2003/2007? Well, if anyone would like to try, I can walk you through the process. You'll need the free download from MS, and you'll need to set up 2 accounts, because the one that imports your folders will not make use of the program wide Inbox...

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I am numbered among the "almost noone" FS. I have never been a fan of webmail services and have always utilized client software. Moved from OE in XP to Windows Mail in Vista and on to Windows Live Mail in Windows 7.

Never been a huge fan of Outlook either, it's always seemed, to me anyway, a bit of takeover merchant. I also utilize the MailWasher program in combination which allows me to preview emails; size, sender name, attachments, etc., and delete any spam or unwanted emails at the server, prior to downloading.

WLM also provides for multiple accounts, including IMAP. I use WLM to manage 3 accounts, two POP and one Hotmail account. I like WLM because it is simple, effective and non-intrusive - plus, and this is important, it also lets me add a music background to emails. Now that may seem like a strange preference, but my lovely wife insists on me sending celebratory emails to all and sundry for birthdays, Christmas greetings and other 'special' events. A relevant/suitable song playing in the background really spices them up. :) As far as I know, no other client or webmail service offers this feature.

As far as portability is concerned; I can always navigate direct to my ISP webmail page and manage emails from there. For me anyway, that renders alternative webmail services somewhat redundant.

Cheers... Jim



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Hi Jim, very interesting reading and what a coincidence, as I have been down almost the same track as yours, including MailWasher Pro.

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Guest_James (Jim) Hillier_*
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Hey Jono - Not really supposed to discuss commercial software but hey... we'll make an exception. MailWasher does have a freeware version after all. :)

MailWasher Pro is one of my absolute 'must have' programs, I don't know how I'd get by without it. The free version sufficed for a long while but then I ended up purchasing the Pro version about 4 years ago, after joining Dave at DCT.

Even the free version is magic, although only supporting one email account. Don't know of any other software which manages spam and emails as effectively as MailWasher.

Cheers... Jim



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For Thunderbird and Firefox, there is a free tool, MozBackup. It allows you to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, passwords, cache etc.

I have used it several times and it is great.


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