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How To: Hide/Show icons in the Notification Area on the Taskbar

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The Notification Area on the taskbar has undergone some minor changes in Windows 7. Gone is the ability to expand the Notification Area laterally to view hidden icons. Clicking on the Show hidden icons button will now open up a separate little window just above the taskbar:
show hidden icons.png

Windows 7 will hide icons by default but it is a simple process for the user to choose whether or not to hide an icon or display it permanently in the Notification Area.

Here’s How:

Click on the Show hidden icons button and the click Customize. Now you will see a list of all the application icons with a drop down menu available for each one:
customize icon behaviour.png
Show icon and notifications = Display icon permanently
Hide icon and notifications = Hide icon permanently
Only show Notifications = Hide icon generally but show icon if there are any associated messages (e.g. program updates, new mail, etc.)

There is also a checkbox at the bottom of the Customize window which will enable an option to display all icons permanently:
always show all icons.png

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