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Talkbox is a chatting app made with heart <3. We started as the world’s first voice messenger, and since then we are passionate about building a fast and intuitive messenger for people to connect.

Today we have brought to you a brand-new experience of using Talkbox. Much simpler, much modern way for you to chat with your friends, acquaintances, loved ones. Simply log in, find/add your friend and start building relationships again.

What functions do Talkbox offers:

- We love voice messages. That's why we focus on building asynchronous voice chat from day one, and it is fast.
- Send direct message to your friend and family using text, voice, image, or even location messages.
- Talkbox group chat supports up to 200 people. Perfect to gather all your friends or forks from your group.
- Lena is also a friend of yours now, try to be nice to her :)

Keep happy talkbox-ing!


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