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Changes in GreenBrowser 6.2.0606

Version 6.2.0606
  • add: main system bar
  • add: suggest when google error
  • add: custom number of previous visit
  • fix: filter bug when click link in combobox
  • fix: function key bug in page
  • fix: tab key bug of address bar
Version 6.2.0427
  • fix: bug of open javascript link
  • fix: top video window disappear bug
  • fix: top window disappears bug
  • fix: gesture track display bug
  • fix: drag tab item bug
  • improve: RSS page display
  • improve: top window key
Version 6.1.0216
  • add: open in current page for drag menu
  • add: drag text and link to address bar will open in current page
  • fix: crash bug when enum frame in page
  • fix: speed dial link click bug
  • fix: activate new window after page completed bug
  • improve: open all favorites url bug
  • improve: speed dial function
Version 6.1.0117
  • fix: top htm window position bug
  • fix: adjust order bug of set form dialog dialog
  • fix: speed dial grab the focus of the address bar
  • fix: shortcuts bug of top htm window
  • fix: save list bug when search in address bar
  • improve: open in new window when right click go button
  • improve: new window state when click external toolbar
Version 6.0.1002
  • fix: crash bug by long title
  • fix: tab title display bug
  • fix: taobao input enter bug
  • fix: copy quick menu url bug
  • fix: open in ie bug
  • improve: popup ad filter
  • improve: go button function
  • improve: double click of address bar
Version 5.9.0802
  • add: speed dial custom image
  • add: copy title/url of tab menu
  • fix: tab close bug
  • fix: mouse gesture/drag switch bug
  • fix: search engin url length bug
  • fix: group menu display bug