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Changes in Windows CleanUp! 4.5.2

Version 4.5.2
  • Modified the interpretation of temporary file specifications given in the Temporary Files tab of the Options dialog so as to be more intuitive. Previously, the Windows API used would match *.tmp with files ending with .tmpl (I think this was because of the underlying "DOS format" filename that ended with .tmp). [Thanks to cvydas for assistance diagnosing and testing this.]
  • Added support for IncrediMail by emptying all Runtime folders.
  • Initial support for Paint Shop Pro 7, 8 and 9.
  • Initial support for Real Player.
  • Initial support for QuickTime media player.
  • Initial support for International versions of Windows - specifically to remove dependence on Application Data in certain paths.
  • Added a command line option, "-demo" (without the quotes), to disable deletion of any files or changes to the registry. Summary statistics do not get updated in this mode.
  • On the first run on a machine the user is now prompted whether or not they would like to run in demo mode. This is intended to help new users evaluate the utility without actually deleting anything from their computer. [A backup would serve the same purpose, but this demo mode is significantly less trouble for new users, so hopefully they will use it!]
  • Added an option to the General tab that enables generation of a log file (CleanUp!.log) in the user's Application Data directory. When combined with the "demo mode" this could be very helpful during testing and evaluation of CleanUp!.
  • Added tooltips to each of the options in the Options dialog to make the options more intuitive.
  • Changed the Register button to Donate to make the function more obvious. Some users had observed that they weren't aware that CleanUp! was made possible through donations of generous users. Please consider making frequent use of this button! :-)
  • Removed "Scan local drives for temporary files" from Standard CleanUp!. It is now only activated with Thorough or Custom CleanUp!.
  • When scanning for temporary files under the Windows directory, scanning is now only permitted beneath the system32\config\systemprofile directory. This prevents potential problems with Windows XP themes as well as the Windows XP system information utility, msinfo32.exe.
  • Added an "Info" button to the About dialog. This displays a window containing a summary of system information specific to CleanUp!. Please use this when reporting problems or potential bugs.
  • In the main cleaning engine, minor change/improvements to help improve performance.
  • Removed the "Scan drives for temporary files" checkbox from the General tab under Options; also added a warning explaining its use when the option is enabled. [Hopefully these two things will reduce the "problems" associated with misconfiguring this functionality.]
  • Modified the About dialog to reference the new support forums - instead of the old Yahoo! discussion list.
Version 4.5.2
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