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Changes in Toolwiz Care

  • Improved the Toolbar and now it starts faster
  • Added portuguese language, made by Adalberto Maria
  • The Toolbar will show the busiest program when CPU usage more than 50%
  • Added Skin color change, Blush, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Eyeshadow, Pupil to the Image Editor
  • Improved the System Optimizer engine
  • Fixed one issue which can casue Screen Capture crash
  • Updated the Chinese, English, French, Polish, Korean, russian languages
  • Improved the Software Uninstaller
  • Improved the Process Manager
  • Added option for checkup
  • Added Eyes Care
  • Added File Check
  • Added File Split and Join
  • Added option to disable Toolwiz Care auto start
  • Added option to disable Boot-time report