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Say Hello!

Take a few seconds to say hello, it really does help when we all get to know each other a little better and it also gives everyone a chance to see how easy it is to post on the site :)

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Breaking News on Bad freeware and unorthodox add-ons

Breaking news on bad freeware. If you know of a freeware title which forces the installation of suspect or questionable third-party apps or comes bundled with ad-ware or spyware then you can share that info with everyone here ...

  1. Toolbars, Addons & Spyware
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Promotions and Free Offers

In this section you will find links to commercial software and other promotions which are offered free of charge. The offer may only be available for a short time so make sure you check this forum daily! ...

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Free Web Services

Found a good, clean website offering it's services for free?. Maybe you own a website that offers a service for free?. Let us know about here and be sure to read the "Important Information" thread before posting.

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Site Feedback & Suggestions

Use this section to submit feedback about our site or make a suggestion for inclusion to the site! ...

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Fun Stuff

Share your favourite jokes, pics or YouTube vids in this section ...

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Help, Hints, Tips & Tech Stuff

Care to share a great tip you've been given? Maybe your in the business and can offer some great hints or maybe you are looking for the answer to a problem you are having?. Heard about something happening in the tech world? Share your knowledge with the rest of us and make our computing life's that bit easier! ...

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Developer Spotlight

Take a peek into the life of a freeware developer. We spotlight those individuals who take the time to create freeware and give the members an insight into the very talented and creative people who are behind the software we love to use!!.

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Request and Suggest Forum

Want to suggest a freeware title for inclusion to FreewareBB?. What about that hard to find freeware title? Want to know if there is such a product out there? Post your suggestion or query here and we'll do our best to help you out ...

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Polling Place

This forum can be used to create polls. When you start a new topic in this area, look for the "Manage Topic Poll" option, complete the details, give the possible answers and get your answer as the members respond!.

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General Chat/Off Topic

Any member can start a chat in this area on any topic ...

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Computer Articles

Updated daily with a collection of computing articles from around the net ...

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Computing News From The BBC

Technology news from around the world courtesy of BBC News ...

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