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(REMOVED) FTP Commander v8.0

Important Notice: We have removed the information regarding this free download as it is no longer supported by FreewareBB. Please review the comments for further information or request more info using the comments if none is available, and if you feel we have removed this listing in error, please let us know.

Why not just delete this listing?

(REMOVED) FTP Commander v8.0

- - - - -

FTP Commander is simple and easy to use ftp client. It's really the bare minimum with no extra frills or thrills. It offers a no-nonsense interface consisting of two side-by-side local computer and FTP server panels.

The latter contains a list of about a dozen pre-set FTP servers. It's easy as pie to establish a connection. All you have to do is select the server you want on the list and push the Connect button. Pre-configuring a list of most frequently accessed servers will make your life even easier. An application also enables users to execute two-way file exchanges and activate multiple downloads.

FTP Commander also makes it possible to run programs located on local disks, or view documents. The program occupies far less space on hard drives and RAM than other similar paid programs. It also allows you to delete, rename and and copy files, create and delete directories in the FTP server and work in command line mode. A session log file is also available. The program is free for personal, educational and non-commercial use and does not contain any annoying ad banners.

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I was surprised that this was removed. I've been using FTP Commander 8.0 for many many years on all my computers with no problem at all. It's a great program and easy to use. I was doing some major file transfer yesterday, moved 743MB, 10,157 files, 469 folders, with ease. I've recently had it run 20 hours straight with no problem at all.

Some sites offer version 8.00 or 8.02, stating it's 663KB in size, but when you download to install it, it's not the correct size, usually smaller. Just a trick that contacts some other site instead to give you more than just FTP Commander.

The good version (v8.00) of the FTP Commander.exe installation file should be 663 KB (678,837 bytes). The MD5 should be 528E30E1AD879E7C8943D3404653C23A

I give it 5 Stars easy, just make sure it's the right file with the right checksum,

Not sure why this was removed, but I'll recheck it and let you know what I find :)
Well, double checked the developers site and despite them having details of a free version available, there isn't a download link (or details of how to download the free version) anywhere to be found. It may be that you need to register to get a free download link, but there's nothing on the site that I can see which says this.
Hi Marko,

Thanks for looking into it. I'm not sure what area you were in, they have different areas and not very good navigation on their site. Here's a link to their free download page, you'll find the free version available third down from the top, it's marked free for personal use. No registration necessary.


It's the good version too, I checked it out, same MD5 as the one I've been using for many years. I've used a lot of free FTP programs, this one is easy to use and has never failed.

Hi Joe, I'm not really convinced this is either the same program or entirely reputable either to be honest, it goes to a different domain from the one we have listed and scans as suspicious in TotalVirus: https://www.virustotal.com/file/fe307bc8bb2c2c140d886950677459eb42f092a623facde33a5b8a3cdab76f73/analysis/1345888958/
Hi Marko,

Thanks for the reply. Since I've been using FTP Commander for over 10 years on all my systems with no problem, I hadn't run it through the various virus checkers recently. I run everything through them now. It did surprise me that it failed.

One thing I've noticed, whether it's Virus Total or Jotty (or any checker), eSafe seems to fail quite often. If I get a report of 1/42, it's usually them, sometimes (as in this case) 2/42. I don't know about TrendMicro-HouseCall. But I guess it's best to play it safe.

I think one of the most important safeguards is to have a good firewall, and have it configured to notify you of any 'breakout' attempt, especially during an install. Install programs that do this (breakout) usually pass VirusTotal and Jotti with flying colors, but they can bring in bad stuff. There is no reason for a small freeware program to go back out to the net and bring more stuff in.

On thing I do know, FreewareBB is the best and safest freeware site on the net. I've told everyone I know, and I thank you for such a great site, and for looking out for us.


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