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Advance Mysql to MSSQL migration application is an efficient and cost effective utility which creates new database from existing Mysql DB and also converts selected data table records into any MSSQL database with attributes and constraints. Database conversion software transforms entire DB with rows, columns, data type, primary key, foreign key, table indexes, null and default values without changing database original structure. MySQL to MSSQL DB transformation tool merges converted Mysql database table records with attributes into existing MSSQL server DB format. MySQL DB converter utility stores all transformed Mysql database and created new database in a secure user define location for further use. Mysql to MSSQL server supports Unicode architecture and multibyte character format for database migration. MySQL database transformation program provide support to all mysql and mssql DB versions such as mysql 4.0, 4.1, 5.0 and mssql 2000 server, 2005 for database translation. Mysql to mssql db synchronizer application facilitates wizard based graphical user interface for major windows platform with manual help so user can easily exchange mysql database into mssql data type format.
* Mysql to MSSQL migration software efficiently converts whole database with DB attributes, constraints and properties such as rows, columns, default values etc.
* MySQL DB to MSSQL conversion tool creates new mssql database from existing Mysql DB without any changes in database intrgrity.
* Database migration software maintains existing DB schema after database translation and supports Unicode architecture, multibyte characters.
* Mysql DB to MSSQL migratory saves all transferred database in a user define drive on your PC.
* Application for mysql DB support various windows OS as Vista, 2003 sever, NT, XP, 98 with install/uninstall support.

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