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Bring your digital photos to life with AutoHomeMovie, a very easy to use yet powerful movie creation software. It lets you to create professional slideshows with your digital pictures, add narration, and music background, save to entertaining movies and share them with your family and friends. Trim music feature lets you to add only favorite portion of music to movie. Moreover, personalize your digital pictures with titles and captions.

Creating a movie is very easy. You do not need to know technical detail, all you need to do is 4 simple steps.

Step 1. Browse and add pictures from your computer.
You can rotate picture in AutoHomeMovie if needed, you can also add text caption to a picture.

Step 2. Select the effect, preview it, like it and apply it, or change it.

Step 3. Add background musics.
You can add as many musics as you like, select favorite portion of music.

Step 4. Save it by a simple button click.

Its that easy!

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