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How to create a blog

Posted by marko in Site Blogs, 01 September 2011 - - - - - - · 1,520 views

Here's a quick look at how you create a blog on FreewareBB. You can use a blog for all kinds of things, whether it's personal or for your software, we really don't mind - the more unique, the better!!

1. First, go to the Blogs from the main menu and then hit the "Create New Blog" button.


April 2014 PC Optimization Report

Posted by FutureShock in FutureShock's Blog, 05 April 2014 - - - - - - · 143 views

Three days out from the eternal resting date for Windows XP, and I think I have finally figured out how to get it to optimize stably.  I guess this is the story of my life with Windows...always chasing perfection with one version, only to have progress blow by me like a formula 1 car past a tricycle.
At any rate, if anyone is not familiar with...


Back to work

Posted by dstrout in Login Learner Development Blog, 08 February 2013 - * * * * * · 643 views

It has been, by my estimate, a year and two months since I last posted in this blog. Needless to say, I have not been working on Login Learner all that time. I probably gave it up starting in 2012, about a month after the last post. However, I recently got an e-mail about the project after having all but forgotten about it. Someone wanted to know if I was...


How to create your own age-controlled trash bin.

Posted by Wolf in Wolf's Blog, 23 April 2012 - * * * * * · 656 views

Theme: Small is beautiful.
Series I : How to create your own age-controlled trash bin.

In computing, the trash (also known as the recycle bin) is temporary storage for files that have been deleted in a file manager by the user, but not yet permanently erased from the physical media. Typically, a recycle bin is presented as a...


New rules for new posters

Posted by marko in Site Blogs, 17 April 2012 - - - - - - · 27,411 views

FreewareBB has recently been experiencing a lot of spam on the site and via the personal messenger system. As a result, and to avoid any further inconvenience or distress to our members, we have unfortunately had to bring in certain restrictions to new posters.

This means, that new posters to the site will have their post's moderated until they reach...


Ubuntu Help

Posted by tremendito in tremendito's Blog, 13 February 2012 - - - - - - · 774 views

Am looking for help with Ubuntu.

My computer will log, but then if I try to do something, it takes a long time to go where I tell her. And I mean a long time.

This is my first time on with this system, I was told it might be a configuration issue.

Will appreciate any suggestions/help provided.




That'sThe Way It Goes

Posted by Claw in Claw's Blog, 14 December 2011 - - - - - - · 804 views

You know ,sometimes I just love when somebody ticks me off!! Oh Yeah!! I may not do something right the first time,,but maybe I didn't know how ,,but at least I'm trying!!!!
I'm glad I found this site. Marko seems like an" Upstanding" guy,seems to be real "Cool" !!!!


Confessions of IT support

Posted by marko in marko's Blog, 25 October 2011 - * * * * * · 901 views

Here's how NOT to impress your boss in IT support!!

A few years back I was asked to travel South, think it was Manchester and decomission a warehouse for a major drinks distributor.

So, off I went on an overnight stay, got down there and received a call from my manager. Chatting casually he asked if I had a set of "secateurs". I...


Suggestions & Comments

Posted by BobL in BobL's Blog, 10 September 2011 - * * * * - · 837 views

In July I released My Daily Readings 3.10 and My Daily Metric Readings 1.20 but I feel that I have gone about as far as I can with the readings currently included in these versions.

I would like suggestions about other readings that you would like to see included.

Also, if there is something about the programs you would like to see changed, tell me.


Great Idea

Posted by jazee in jazee's Blog, 30 August 2011 - * * * * * · 800 views

First blog, not sure what I'll use it for, but this sounds like a fab idea to me - having our own space on freewarebb :dance:

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