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New rules for new posters

Posted by admin , 17 April 2012 · 28,261 views

FreewareBB has recently been experiencing a lot of spam on the site and via the personal messenger system. As a result, and to avoid any further inconvenience or distress to our members, we have unfortunately had to bring in certain restrictions to new posters.

This means, that new posters to the site will have their post's moderated until they reach an approved post count of 5. New poster's will also be restricted to sending 5 PM's per day, but this restriction is lifted once you reach 5 approved post's. Our moderators normally approve post's very quickly so there will be minimum delay in having your post on the site as a new poster :)

It is regretful that we have to introduce these restrictions but I'm sure most people will agree they will help the site clear itself of unwanted spammers and those who are just annoying other members. Subsequently, you move to the "Advanced Member" group after 5 approved post's which automatically removes ads from your view also.

It goes without saying that if you ever receive a PM or any other contact from another member you are not happy with, please let us know about it immediately and we will take the necessary action.

Kind Regards
Marko and The FreewareBB Team

Source: New rules for new posters

Unfortunately spam is every where, thank you for being aggressive in controlling it here. I don't think it's too much of an inconvenience for the reward it offers back.

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