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Game Changer Freeware

Posted by FutureShock , 25 May 2012 · 794 views

Starting up the Blog for the first time and so I decided to get right into what counts the most to me. I guess we all want to know where we each stand on the various freeware titles. The bottom line is that the ones that do the most for me are my favorites, and I guess it's the same way for most of us. That in mind I have decided to list my top 15 game changer freewares. These are the ones that make the most difference for me:

1. RocketDock-Can't say enough. Just disappears until I need Control Panel or a program or file

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2. Rainmeter-All the gauges, weather, time...interesting desktop makes life much better

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3. Dexpot-This may be the best freeware app program I've run across. No flaws and too many desktop features to list

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4. 3DTop -Makes my machine run better. Will open on start up from Dexpot when it's set to open. REAL 3D effects...TRY IT!

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5. GBoost-Recent install for me that went straight to the top of my list. Another finished program that I leave on at all times

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6. Screen Recorder-Excellent small screen recorder that does all the basics. Got to have one, and this is the one I rely on

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7. FBackup-Despite little problems with the scheduler, it's still my backup program. Not flashy but it is effective, and it runs at night, so what do I care about flashy anyway. I hardly ever see it

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8. Sun VirtualBox-Another solid program. Must have a virtual disk program and this one is rock solid

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9. WakeOnStandBy-Small app that delivers big rewards. If you have troubles with scheduler, this will wake a PC from standby at preset times. It will also run programs when it does so. The best feature is that it can be used for multiple wake events

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10. Sofonica Folder Soldier-Another must have program. This barely gets the job done, but it does well enough for me for now

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11. AUSLogics Defrag-Best defrag tool I've run across. This one runs every night at 2:15 A.M. on mine

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12. Avast-Not sure what to say other than thanks to the Avast community for this gem

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13. PC Wizard-When you need to see your system specs, one of these is necessary. This one makes it possible to benchmark, too, which is great

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14. TweakUI-Every little bit of help navigating the maze of settings in XP is great. This one really gets right down to the ones that matter the most

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15. Bible Explorer 4-I'm not all that crazy about the Bible, although I do refer to it. This program makes it worth my while. Tons of free books, Bible translations, pictures, maps, etc. There is also pay content available, but the free content is super impressive. Just an excellent program

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When I say I couldn't make it 5 minutes without any one of these, I am being serious. These have been complete game changers for me.

Which brings me to a question. Any of you on Windows 7, would you say you upgraded for the hardware support in the program or the other features mostly? I have XP, and I have the sense that I am in control of my own destiny with it, primarily because of these programs, although not only these. I don't think there will be a piece of hardware that I won't be able to use in XP somehow.

BTW, I wouldn't say these are my top 15 best freewares. If so, Toolwiz TimeFreeze would be in the list along with some others. These are the ones that made things better for me the most...

Another very well put together blog FS, definitely need more articles like this on the site :)

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