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#90303 How to find things on FreewareBB

Posted by admin on 07 January 2012 - 01:58 PM

We've spoken about finding things and searching on FreewareBB before, but I thought I'd write a more definitive post about finding things as quite a bit has changed since we last wrote about it. I'm going to use practical examples in this tutorial so just remember to adapt things accordingly for what you want to search for :)

1. Quick-search
At the very top, right-hand side of our site you'll see our Google "quick search" - this is the quickest and easiest way to start searching for something on the site. Simply enter what your looking for in that box and press the "search" button.
(There is also an "Advanced Search" facility which we'll take a look at just shortly.)


2. Quick search results
The results for your quick-search are displayed on a seperate page - take a look at the results and choose the most appropriate result for your search.


3. Advanced Search
If you don't find what you're looking for using the quick-search, you can also use our own in-built search facility which is a great deal more powerful than the quick search and offers many more options. The advanced search link can be found at the top of any page, within the sub-menu as pointed out in step 1. When you hit that link, you will be searching within the downloads section on our site - we'll show you how to search other area's just shortly.

To begin searching using the advanced search facility, enter what you are looking for as shown in the screenshot below. You can choose to search in both the title and content or just one or the other. FreewareBB also use tags for most of our content which is always being updated. This means, for example, a listing for something like "Mozilla Firefox" could have tags such as "browser", "firefox", "mozilla", and so on. Entering a keyword in the "Find tags" field would return a list of all those listings with your chosen keyword. Normally, we wouldn't really recommend attempting an important search using tags as it can often be a tad misleading.
You can further narrow down your search by searching for the person who submitted a download or forum post by entering the persons name in the "Find author" field. Similarly, if you only want to search for content that was added within a specific timeframe, then you can enter the start and end date within the "Find by date" fields.


4. Advanced Search - other area's
When you first go to the "advanced search" facility, you will automatically be searching within our downloads. But if you scroll down the page a little, you will find other area's you can search in, such as "Forums", "Members", "Help Files", "Blogs" and so on. So, for example, if you wanted to search within our forums for the keywords "mozilla firefox" you would simply enter those words in the "Find words" field and then change the "Search in section" to "Forums". This is handy if you want to search for a discussion that may have happened on something like firefox, or any other keyword of your choice.


5. Advanced Search - more options
As you go further down the advanced search page you'll see even more options available to narrow down your search such as the category you wish to search in, or alternatively leave that at default to search within them all. Similarly, those options will change as you change where you want to search. For example, if you choose to search in the "forums", the list available would change to our list of available forums. Remember, by default, the advanced search facility will be set to search the downloads on our site so if you want to search somewhere else, you'll have to remember to change the "Search in section" as in step 4 above.

In our example below, we're still searching the download section so we'll continue explaining the options as they are shown in the screenshot. You can enter an operating system in the "Will run on" field to return only a listing of those OS's, such as "xp" for windows xp, "2000", for windows 2000, "7" for windows 7 or the likes of "linux", "mac" and so on. Selecting the "License" type from the drop down will return only those results that match your selection, so if you chose "Private and Commercial Use" your search would only return those downloads we have found to be allowed to run on both private and commercial environments.

Finally, the "Seach In" option will simply search our database of downloads, if left at default, but if you choose "Comments", the keyword or phrase you entered in the "Find Words" field at the beginning will be used to search all the comments within the downloads.


Please feel free to experiment on any of the filters within the advanced search facility - you may just be surprised at how detailed you can make your search and the results that follow!!. For now, anyone is welcome to reply to this tutorial with additional questions regarding the search features within FreewareBB where I'll be more than happy to answer :)

#63820 How to create a blog

Posted by admin on 01 September 2011 - 07:41 AM

Here's a quick look at how you create a blog on FreewareBB. You can use a blog for all kinds of things, whether it's personal or for your software, we really don't mind - the more unique, the better!!

1. First, go to the Blogs from the main menu and then hit the "Create New Blog" button.
Fig 1.1
Posted Image

2. Accept the short agreement and press "Next".
Fig 1.2
Posted Image

3. The name of your blog will already be set, change it if you want to something else or you can just leave it as is. Enter a description also or you can just leave this blank. If you would rather link your FreewareBB blog to an existing blog you have somewhere else then choose "Link to external Blog" from the dropdown otherwise just leave it at "Local Blog", then press "Finish".
Fig 1.3
Posted Image

4. Have a look through the options which you are now presented with, for the most part you can just leave all these as they are but feel free to change them as you wish. If you want to allow another member to have editorial access and rights on your blog just start typing their username in the "Editors" box and choose the correct name from the dropdown which will appear.
Fig 1.4
Posted Image

5. More options are shown like the ability to have an RSS Feed for your blog and to ping some of the better known social services.
Fig 1.5
Posted Image

6. Final lot of options, although these can mostly be left alone unless you specifically require an XML-RPC interface feed - this would apply if you wanted the contents of your blog to be posted to other blog services you have an account with, like The Blogger, etc. Now press "Save Settings"
Fig 1.6
Posted Image

7. Now we have your new blog created, we can post a new entry, manage it's settings and more - for example if you wanted to create a new category you would choose "Manage Categories".
Fig 1.7
Posted Image

8. Under "Add New Category" enter a new for your new category, then press "Add".
Fig 1.8
Posted Image

9. To make a new post, you would choose "Post New Entry" (as in Fig 1.7) or from the Blog front end "Add Entry". You'll notice straight away it's very like adding a post in the forums, the slight difference being you'll be able to save your blog post as a draft and come back to it later for further editing, or to post your blog on the site you would just hit the "Publish" button.
Fig 1.9
Posted Image

10. A great way to collect useful information you've found on the forums is to "Blog This" .. just create your blog then in the forums you'll notice a "Blog This" link under the topics - if you find a topic particularly useful or just want to collect similar useful post's in one place you can do that using this function. Give it a try!!
Fig 1.10
Posted Image

11. If you do use the "Blog This" feature, it basically transfers the details of that post across into a new post for you, so you can edit it, add your own details to it or whatever else you feel relevant - just hit the "Publish" button when you're happy to blog it.
Fig 1.11
Posted Image

#63540 Viewing New Content

Posted by admin on 01 August 2011 - 05:13 PM

In this thread, we'll be taking a look at how you can view what's new on FreewareBB or how to access those downloads and topics you've not seen yet.

1. You may have already noticed the "drop-down" menu which gives you an instant look at new Download Comments, New Downloads and New Updates on the site (Fig 1.1).

Fig 1.1

13-05-2013 18-10-44.png

2. To view other new or unread content you would use the "View New Content" button at the top right of the screen as in Fig 1.2 below.

Fig 1.2


3. You may notice the first time you use the "View New Content" button that some of the results are considerably long. This is because the system will know which downloads or topics you have, or haven't viewed before. You can mark all downloads and topics as 'read' which will then only show you results from that point onwards. To do this for the download section, select the "View all" link as in Fig 1.3 below.

Fig 1.3


4. Next, take a look at the quote bubbles down the left hand side of all the download categories, you may see some which are very bold and some that are almost greyed out (see Fig 1.4). The one's which are bold mean you have unread downloads in that category and the one's which are greyed out mean you've seen all the downloads in that category. To mark all the files are 'read', simply click on the bold quote bubbles until they are all greyed out.

Fig 1.4


5. Similarly, head over to the forum section and do the same there. This will mark all topics in those categories as read.

Fig 1.5


6. Now, the next time you visit the site and click "View New Content" you will be able to choose options such as "Content I have not read" which will show you all the downloads you've not seen yet.

Fig 1.6


7. Similarly, choosing "Forums" will show you a list of topics you haven't read yet, or replies made since your last visit!.

Fig 1.7


#62431 Updating your notification options on FreewareBB

Posted by admin on 14 January 2011 - 10:54 PM

As a member on FreewareBB, you have a wealth of control over your user account and can change most things, including how you are notified of updates or changes and new items in the forums and download sections. Before replying to a post in the forums or adding a comment on a download we recommend checking your notification options first to make sure you will receive updates to replies and updates when and how you prefer them.

To access these settings, simply navigate to "My Settings" from the drop down menu next to your username (see Fig1.1).

Fig 1.1
Posted Image

Then, from the sidebar menu in the settings, choose "Notification Options" and you will see the various options to receive alerts and updates (Fig 1.2).
As a minimum, we would suggest ticking "Auto follow topics I reply to. Notification frequency:"

Fig 1.2
Posted Image

Simply tick the boxes which you want to apply and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes" (Fig 1.3) to complete your preference.

Fig 1.3
Posted Image

#4349 How to add a download

Posted by admin on 06 November 2007 - 08:52 AM

You must be a registered member to add files to FreewareBB: REGISTER HERE.

Please make sure you read the rules of adding a download to our site before continuing (can be found at the bottom of this post).

Here's the quick-start way of adding a download to our site manually:
1. From the complete category view of the download section HERE, navigate to the most appropriate category and sub-category for your submission,
2. Hit the "Upload File" button,
3. Enter the details of your freeware (i.e. Title, description, direct link to the download, screenshot, etc),
4. Note that you can enter a link to your own site for the download and screenshot or if your file is around 10Mb or less you can upload it to our servers; you can also enter or upload more than one download location (mirrors, etc) as well as offer more than one screenshot,
5. Once done, hit the "Add Submission" button at the bottom of thepage and your freeware will be checked by a member of staff before being approved.

If you are the developer of any freeware we currently list here on FreewareBB and wish to claim ownership and editing rights, please see THIS TOPIC for more info on how to do that.


We can alternatively host your file for you free of charge if you are unable to provide a direct link or your file is too big to be uploaded to the site, and in this case please contact me once you have registered.

1. DUPLICATES: Please search for your software on our site before submitting it - if you find it, contact a member of staff and we can transfer ownership. Duplicate submissions will be deleted.
2. TRIAL SOFTWARE: If you are submitting a trial version which can be considered as freeware (i.e. has limited functions after the trial) YOU MUST include those details in your listing, and specify what the free version will continue to do. If you do not we will delete your software immediately and mark your software as unorthodox in our forums. Please don't try it, we do check!.
3. YOUR WEBSITE: Please make sure your website is not listed in WOT and SiteAdvisor negatively, if it is, it's unlikely we will accept your submission. Your beef should be with those site advisories, not us.
4. VIRUSES & COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE: If you attempt to submit spam, virused files or commercial software to our site, we will delete your software immediately and mark your software as unorthodox in our forums and ban you from the site - your choice !!. If your software is known to have a false positive, make a note of these in the Special Notes section and please try and include even a short explanation to help the members.
5. CONTENT: Both the content of your software and your website will be checked - FreewareBB is a family friendly site and as such your software or site should not make reference to adult content or otherwise inappropriate material not suitable for all ages.
6. MISLEADING SOFTWARE, "FREE DOWNLOADS" AND GENERAL BUGGERY: FreewareBB pride's itself on offering the most genuine, safe and trustworthy software on the net. We check, double check, report, ban and highlight those developers who attempt to trick us and our users. Your software and website should clearly indicate your software is free, with no tricky descriptions or "buy now" nonsense unless you provide clear descriptions on what's free and what's not - if you don't, we could interpret your software as misleading and will ban you, highlight your software in our forums and if relevant, rate you accordingly on WOT and SiteAdvisor - you have been warned!!

#111741 Is the PC dying?

Posted by google on 02 March 2014 - 03:24 PM

This question has been asked a number of times over the past few years and I've avoided talking about it because I wouldn't want to admit it's demise.   This can be a tricky question to answer, and for me it really depends on the age of the person we're asking.   For me, a 40 something, I'd say MY PC won't be dying any time soon, I like my PC, i prefer it to my smartphone and laptop, and is much much better than my tablet.   All of those portable devices are great for certain things, but they lack much of the power and usability of my powerful PC.


HOWEVER, if you asked my 18 year old daughter if the PC is dead and she'll likely say "who cares", "I only need my smartphone" which, regrettably, is most probably the single most damning attitude for the PC as we know it.   For us "middle aged" people, we would likely stick to our guns and say the PC is alive and well, but this will likely only last for as long as the next generation aren't responsible for the technological purchases within our homes and when the baton is passed to them we'll suddenly come to the realisation that the PC's life is as short as a hamster on steroids.


In other words, WE would likely replace our ageing computers for other computers, or at the very least a laptop but the younger generation are all about mobile devices, none as big or clumsy as a laptop I may add.   At present, the PC market is in decline, namely because younger people are not buying PC's, but favouring smartphones and tablets and I don't think Microsoft have done themselves any favours whatsoever with Windows 8.   Add all this into the mix along with the fact that most things are done online these days and you have removed much of the need for a PC, other than backing up or synchronising with mobile devices but I hardly think people (especially younger people) are about to run out and spend an additional £300 on a computer/laptop to backup/sync their mobile devices so to answer my own question, is the PC dying, I would, unfortunately, and as painful as it is say yes, the PC is very much in decline and the younger generation will likely seal it's fate to a great extent in their lifetime.


It's likely that businesses and the minority of home users may cling on to the PC (in some form) for many many years to come, but it's unlikely that the PC will be a household device in 20-30 years as the tablet (yuk) and smartphone take a firm grip of the market.

#111739 Is FBB really leaving

Posted by C0ldf1re on 02 March 2014 - 10:31 AM

This site is important.


The PC isn't going anywhere soon. It had to lose market share to mobile Android devices for consumers who just want Twitter, Facebook, email, videos, web browsing, etc. But the PC is staying as the work-horse of business.


Freeware is important too. It is often better than proprietory software, and often the only way for small new developers to build a reputation.


A site that verifies the freeware that it distributes, and does not bundle crapware, is a vital resource. The tiny subscription that I pay is nothing compared to the benefits of having this site available.


Some of us don't visit here all that frequently, and rarely post. Well, I rarely visit hospital either, but when I do need a hospital it would be awful if it wasn't there!


This site is important too. :)

#111673 Is FBB really leaving

Posted by FutureShock on 24 February 2014 - 03:20 PM

Hey marko.  Really good you are back.  Well deserved break for sure... :good:


Honestly, you know I bore the hell out of people with my analogies, but the PC is king bro.  It's here to stay period.  Seriously, I can surely see how it is for you right now, but this looks so much like the beginning of a hurricane of activity in the PC marketplace to me.  I've studied very hard the characters and companies in the industry, and there is alot of tension behind the scenes.  Let's not forget too that Intel is about to introduce 14 nm processor technology with plans to take it all the way down to 5 nm.  Yeah, it's that weird quiet before a massive storm...I really feel it.  Gonna have to be alot of changes that's for sure, but there are going to be big opportunities too...


I say this...keep an eye on the orient and its top leaders in the industry.  I think MS making the Surface was their idea of a declaration of war by MS.  Just saying, MS has turned out its customers to go complain to the manufacturers for 20 something years, and alot of PCs have been returned that had MS problems but were mislabelled as hardware.  Let's see what happens...

#107473 How you can help FreewareBB

Posted by Richard on 15 March 2013 - 10:55 PM

I love this site and the service you provide. I became a verifyed member in January with a payment once a year. But Marco, how do you make an additional contribution on top of the one made ... just to help out with the web site? I am looking all over the site for a Pay Pal link ... etc. I love getting your FreewareBB daily emails and newsweek. Anyway ... Just wanted to put in a good word for you too. Richard :bye:

#115495 FutureShock hits 1000 post

Posted by jayesstee on 26 December 2014 - 05:34 PM

Thanks Jonno.  Claw is all the brains around here, though...and you and marko and jayesstee and all the rest o/c :scratch_one-s_head: :pardon:


You mentioned my name?


Congrats on your achievement - here's to the next 1000 - by nest Xmas?


Season's greetings to you all.

#115491 FutureShock hits 1000 post

Posted by FutureShock on 26 December 2014 - 03:17 PM

Thanks Jonno.  Claw is all the brains around here, though...and you and marko and jayesstee and all the rest o/c :scratch_one-s_head: :pardon: 

#115461 FutureShock hits 1000 post

Posted by Claw on 24 December 2014 - 06:35 AM

My good buddy and fellow FBB member has now hit a milestone. Congratulations to FutureShock for reaching 1000 post. 


Welcome to the club brother.  :good:  :good:  :good:  :good:

#115452 Merry Christmas

Posted by Claw on 24 December 2014 - 04:00 AM

Ho, Ho, Ho, yea right. This is ole Santa Claw, wishing all our FBB family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever you may call it. Be good, love one another, have fun, and have a Happy New Year.  :drinks:  :drinks:

#115373 Not quite a simple Sunday bicycle ride.

Posted by FutureShock on 21 December 2014 - 04:55 AM

Hey Jonno...


Oh wow.  I am thinking of the hassles of falling off the side of that mountain.  That's a nice bike over which the rider seems to have complete command, but I have to question this biker's command of his mental faculties.  I won't ask how they get this footage...


Nonetheless another amazing video.  You keep coming up with great really HD video.  Fun to watch... :good:

#115366 Not quite a simple Sunday bicycle ride.

Posted by JoninOz on 21 December 2014 - 12:21 AM

The environment is free from traffic hassles.



#113386 I Want This Now (or Soon)!

Posted by jayesstee on 12 July 2014 - 04:16 PM

Have look at this:



Beats X-boxes and similar!  :good:

#112680 Where are we heading to.........

Posted by JoninOz on 13 May 2014 - 12:24 AM

Quite correct Claw,


The article came into my head when we visited relatives a few days ago.


There were 11 people in the house when we walked in, and every person in the house ,including children were engrossed in tap, tap, tapping with their heads down on various devices, and hardly a ,"Hi there" from anyone, except Mrs Jonno,s mother.


Maybe everyone should have stayed home and had a group meeting via their 'tap-o-matics'....... :dash2: ....... :gamer:

#111898 Ever lost your password?

Posted by Bob on 10 March 2014 - 06:58 PM

I gave up on relying on my memory years ago.  Went to a collection of posits for passwords, but then had to remember username and which website it was for. Basically very confusing.  But then I thought that there must be other "old goats" with a memory as bad as mine, so began searching for a solution.  Found Passkeeper (passkeeper.com) an old (1996) but effective program.  I loaded it on a USB flash drive, so that when I need a password, I plug it in, run the program, log in to the website (or program). then unplug the flash drive so that my passwords can't be accessed by any malware.. It worked like a champ for me over the years without a problem, and its freeware.



#111849 Dell computers charging $25 to install Firefox?!!

Posted by admin on 06 March 2014 - 07:58 PM

In a shock announcement by Mozilla, they have declared they are investigating claims Dell computers have been charging users upto $25 to install their FREE browser, Firefox !!.


At a time when it seems everyone is offering less, but charging more, Dell have denied charging for the browser and instead defended their moves by explaining they are charging for their time to install the software, and not charging for the software itself.


Personally, I think that in a declining market such as the desktop/laptop is, it would surely make a great deal more sense to offer remote support and the installation of free software as an added incentive and not charge those who, let's face it, must obviously be in dire need of some assistance if they are unable to install a relatively simple piece of software such as Firefox.


People took to Twitter in anger at Dell, though as yet Dell have not backed down over the charges and insist they are not selling Firefox, but instead charging for their time.


Personally, I think they are free to charge for their time, and there is rarely anything such as a free lunch these days, but to charge to install something as siimple as a web browser leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

#111838 Windows 9

Posted by FutureShock on 06 March 2014 - 02:12 PM

Windows 8 accounts for 11% of the market share of OSes after 16 months. and I don't think it's going to take off.  This is after a full preview period.  At this point I would say it's a complete failure for PCs.  I think we're just going to have to see if MS can bounce back...


I think maybe MS should have focused on an app for W7 that brought the unification with tablets and phones to the PC rather than just dropping a tablet OS on a PC.  It seems to me like MS was really gambling that there wouldn't be much change with social media and the cloud and so on.  I mean, if there is alot of change as we move forward, the legacy of Windows 8 will be completely wrecked unless MS makes massive changes to the apps and to the way things are organized.  MS has even boxed itself into services from MS that could change and then require big changes to the OS.  I guess that would be OK, but to have to do this while working on another OS?  Worse, what if the primary reason for the new OS is that the changes have to do with the same net issues.  I mean there would be no reason to buy the OS.


IDK, the net is still evolving.  I think MS took a big risk, and, unfortunately, I think it's going to backfire.   By and large people apparently aren't on board for the changes in W8 (which may require changes from MS moving forward), why should anyone believe anyone will be onboard for more changes from what comes after W8?  This is especially true with Windows 7 sitting there simply being what a PC OS should be in all the fundamental ways...