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Root Toolbox工具箱3.0.3

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Root工具箱 Root Toolbox PRO是一款需要root权限的工具箱应用,内置多种功能:
- 重新启动/恢复/启动程序/ 热重启/下载模式
- 设置APN/备份/还原
- 移除Delvik
- 移除电池统计
- 重新挂载系统
- 快速恢复
- 修复权限
- 隐藏桌面菜单
- 修正市场的链接
- SIM设置
- 更新Busybox
- 移除恢复
- CM7主题
- 重启状态栏
- 双重挂载 SD卡+ 分区
- 卸载系统应用/备份/还原
- 使用/禁用开机动画
- 下载升级update.zip更改SD卡读取速度

v3.0.0 A1:
-Code has been re-based so that it adapts for larger devices
-SOME features have been added back in but not all of them as of yet.

Root Toolbox 2.1.8
Added the option to install Jellybean(4.2) keyboard app

Root Toolbox 2.1.6
* Improved image rendering
* Added support for more devices

Root Toolbox 2.1.5
Russian translation added

Root Toolbox 2.1.4
Added support for more devices

Root Toolbox 2.1.2
* Fixed Tablets launch error (Nexus 7)
* Dual mount now supports more devices
* Debug menu

Root Toolbox 2.1.1
* Code clean up
* Added more description
* Remount system now supports more devices

Root Toolbox 2.0.9:
* Custom push notifications added for information about app
* Added uninstall and clean up option in the settings menu

Root Toolbox 2.0.7
* Added, Fixed and improved the update notification
* Added settings to disable the update notification

Root Toolbox 2.0.6
* Fixed error where the application wouldn't load
* Added the options for a lock screen(in app!)
* Added settings to change the lock screen preferences

Root Toolbox 2.0.3
* Added support for CWM 6 MD5 sum fixer
* Added Boot options in the advanced menu
* Improved Remove rubbish data option

Root Toolbox 2.0.0
* Compatible with a JellyBean
* New ICS/JellyBean Theme
* Notification with dual mount sdcard
* Less memory used
* Processes now quicker
* Improved remount system options
* Stauts bar now restarted instead of just killed in "Cyanogenmod themes"
* "Sdcard read speed" now working correctly
* More devices now supported by "Flash recovery"
* Ability to use custom path in "MD5 sum fixer"
* "Remove" in "System apps options" improved

Root Toolbox 1.7.1
Put Flash Light back into the app (With new features)>Root Toolbox工具箱>