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Total Commander全能文件管理器2.80

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Total Commander全能文件管理器是一款全能文件管理器。

Total Commander全能文件管理器2.04:
Improved stability of streaming some radio stations (shoutcast)
Removed "Save as" dialog in mail programs, "Downloads" app etc. because it was causing problems on some devices ("always open" greyed out). Will be available as separate app.

Total Commander全能文件管理器2.04b3:
Stream more file types like .ts to external players (e.g. VLC)

Total Commander全能文件管理器2.0正式版:
Drag&Drop files to other panel and to sub-folders
Built-in media player with equalizer, play queue, background playing, full screen video in landscape mode, stream from LAN and WebDAV plugins (they need to be updated too)
Improved stability of background operations
Select a range of files/folders with a long tap on an icon
Copy to external SD-Card on Android 3.0 or later even without root rights
Multi-Window support for Samsung Galaxy N7000, N7100 and N8000
Set permissions and owner/group for selected files
Custom scroll thumb also in the editor to scroll long files more quickly
Custom date and time format

Total Commander全能文件管理器2.0beta4:
Audio/video player
Drag & Drop
Scroll thumb in editor
Write to restricted SD-cards

Total Commander全能文件管理器2.0beta2:
Audio/video player
Scroll thumb in editor
Write to restricted SD-cards

Total Commander全能文件管理器2.0beta1:
Audio/video player
Scroll thumb in editor
Write to restricted SD-cards

Total Commander全能文件管理器1.03
Fixes more crashes and missing images on Samsung Galaxy S III (only this model!)
Android 1.5 and 1.6 were no longer supported in 1.02
Sort file lists using current locale settings (for file names containing accents)
Button bar icons not working on some Android versions (because the SDK recompressed them)

Total Commander全能文件管理器1.02
- RAR unpacker could crash
- Fixes crashes on Samsung Galaxy S III (only this model!). Some images in the list may not show up.