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MP3 录音机800

分类:影音播放 评分:5.0 ,共1人 大小:15.6 MB 语言:英文 要求:Android 2.2 或更高版本 人气:


高品质MP3录音机(Hi-Q MP3 Recorder)是一款高音质录音软件,音频会被保存为MP3格式,录音质量比默认的录音机要高很多,语音听写,歌曲,讲话,音乐都可以录制成44kHz的音频,还可以把录音内容通过电子邮件和蓝牙发送。

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder特点:
- 实时MP3录制,无需等待
- 比特率最高可达128kbps
- 备用录制图标,可随时随刻录音
- 可设置最小磁盘空间

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder 1.15.3版更新信息:
- 修复在Android 4.0.3和早期ICS设备上反应迟钝的问题

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder 1.11.1
Fix sharing problems on some devices
Smoother recovery from failed playback
Support for removable storage on Jelly Bean

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder 1.11.0
New app icon!
Option to manually change language

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder 1.9.3:
Another 3 new languages!

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder 1.9.2:
Automatic stop playback when phone rings
Bug fixes and 3 new languages!

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder 1.9.1:
Bug fixes and 3 new languages

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder 1.9.0:
★ More responsive playback screen, with sorting and easier renaming!
★ Bit rate can now be set up to 320 kbps
★ Fix for slowness in 4.0.3 and earlier ICS devices
★ PAUSE BUTTON. Thanks to all who requested this and waited!
★ Holo theme on Ice Cream Sandwich
★ Fix on interrupted playback, disk space calculation
★ License verification is only done ONCE. Internet is not needed afterwards.
★ Changeable recording source
★ Playback in the background

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder 1.8.7:
Bit rate can now be set up to 320 kbps

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder 1.8.6:
Bit rate can now be set up to 320 kbps!

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder 1.8.5版更新信息:
- 修复在Android 4.0.3和早期ICS设备上反应迟钝的问题