How to hack facebook account passwords for free

Freewarebb now offers an online facebook hacker which can hack facebook password for free. This service used to cost over $100, but we have decided to release a public version for everyone to use. The tool works by simply entering their facebook profile into the textbox, so you don’t need to download any software or programs. This means it’s safe and there is no risk of viruses, spyware or malware. We do not ask for money and you’re completely anonymous.

You can hack nearly any facebook account, it just depends how complex their password is. Please be aware that certain accounts such as staff, moderators and admins can not be hacked. This is because they have special protection to stop people gaining access to them. If you are looking to get access to your friends, enemies, ex-partners, bosses, colleagues, family etc. then 99% of the time it will work.

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We recommend you stay away from websites hosting files that requires you to download them. The issue with file downloads is that the software is likely to contain a virus, installer or malware that can effect your PC or computer. This is why online based sites such as ours are much safer to use. If you do download anything, make you sure you scan it with good anti-virus software. Some will even trick you into entering your own facebook password, which it will then steal your account!

Please follow the above link to go to the hacker. The first step is to go to the victims page and copy the web address from the bar at the top. You can see an example of this in the image below. The highlighted text is what you need to copy.

The next step is to copy that username address into the textbox and click ‘start hack facebook’. The software tool will then start the hack process. Please be patient as this step can take a few seconds or last many minutes. A difficult password can take a long time, but just wait and give it time to run.

Facebook is a very secure website, so hacking into it isn’t easy. Their software is built by experts, but every system has its flaws. Our team knows various different exploits which have been obtained by reviewing their files. If we let you download the program for free, then the hack facebook admins would work out what we know and patch their servers so it would no longer work. This is why we host it online for you to use.

We are the number one most popular place to hack facebook passwords. Our success rate is the highest and we always provide the original password to their account. So you can login without them ever knowing you know it. Other websites require you to reset it, which means you would need to change it and they’d possibly find out. Our facebook hacker is by far the best place to hack facebook account passwords for free online!

If you have any problems at all, please feel free to contact us for support. We hope our website is useful for you. Many thanks.

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